Matcha Green Tea Review

Aboku superfood reviewss a long-time anxiety sufferer, I think I’ve tried just about every kind of supplemet and nootropic available on the market today. Artificial, natural, anything in between- as long as it’s marketed as an anti-anxiety wonder drug, you can be sure that I’ve already got my hands on it have tried it out for myself.

As for the most part, some of them worked great, some of them didn’t. Those that did work would often come bundled with a few unsavory side-effects; others would lead you into a path of addiction which would take a long time to shake off (this is the reason why most substances encouraged their users to take them in weekly five-day “cycles” instead of a daily basis).

Suffice to say, I never expected that a simple beverage like matcha green tea would have such a profound effect on my life. This drink, which is Chinese in origin but has since become an important part of Japanese culture, has long been touted for the health benefits that it imparts to its drinkers. I’ve already tried the drink in Japanese restaurants before, but it ibest matcha green tea reviews only when I read about its anti-anxiety properties online that I made the jump to make the drinking of it a daily habit.

So, off I went to buy myself a six-ounce pack of green tea matcha powder online. There’s a huge number of ways with which you can incorporate it into your diet, such as mixing it into shakes or ice cream, but I decided to go the traditional method and ingest it as intended- as a beverage.

Now, there’s no standardized “dosage” when it comes to matcha- it all boils down to your own tastes and preferences. Personally, I use about two teaspoons of matcha per cup (I drink anywhere from two to four cups daily) mixed with a pinch of sugar for taste.

To The Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

Now, the thing about matcha is that it wakes you up (because it contains caffeine) but at the same time, it also relaxes you. It is important to note that matcha is three times more potent than your normal, watery, green tea; in consequence, it also has three times the antioxidants and theanine, the amino acid which is primarily responsible for raising GABA levels in your brain (more GABA, less stress and anxiety).

I find that drinking a cup of matcha before a presentation at work calms my nerves, and at the same time helps me keep my mind focused. The “buzz” that I get from this beverage is very different from the one that you get from coffee- it’s more subtle and manageable. You won’t get jittery or nervous at all, even if you down two cups at once. The best thing of all- the stuff is cheap! And unlike other nootropic or supplement, there is no dangerous side effects even if you take it in above average “doses”.

The Verdict

Drinking matcha green tea everyday is one habit that I encourage people to take on. You won’t regret it.