Phenibut Review

My anxiety struggles have plagued me for most of my life. In high school, I was te shy kid, the poor guy who can’t seem to ask girls out no matter how hard he tried. In university things started to look better when I was able to acclimatize myself with academics and the whole collegiate culture, but this was short-lived. Graduation saw me as anxious as ever, and this has negatively affected my performance in the workplace and my personal life.

Now, I’m no stranger to the world of nootropics. I used to take some of the popular ones like pramiracetam and noopept, plus a whole bunch of herbal supplements before, but I find that they don’t exactly jive well with my system. They would work as intended at first, but I would soon find myself jittery and nervous as time goes by, like what you would feel if you have taken five espresso shots one after another. This wasn’t such a good feeling; my anxiety was only made worse and I find myself going crazy over the most mundane of social interactions.phenibut for anxiety

Phenibut was recommended to me by a former classmate who suffered anxiety attacks in college. He sweared by this wonderful substance, and truth be told, he doesn’t exactly need to sell it to me as much. I saw the visible effects right before my very eyes: he talked more clearly and coherently, his jokes were on point, he carried himself well, hell, he even look fitter than he was back when we were in college eight years ago. I was immediately interested.

I got myself a 250mg 90-capsule bottle of phenibut. My dosage is two pills in the morning (taken preferably before breakfast), and one to two capsules more around noon, depending on how I feel at the moment and what my plans for the rest of the day are (i.e. I would take two if there’s an office party coming up or any other kind of event where there’s lots of social interaction). This is considered a low dosage by some, but I find that phenibut is potent enough for me to feel its effects even at low amounts.

best anti anxiety supplementIts effects on me are nothing short of phenomenal. It is akin to the sense of confidence you get when you’ve ingested alcohol- the only difference being is that you won’t get drunk on it and there’s no drinker’s “fog” that clouds up your thinking. I find my shyness gone- I’m more talkative than usual and for once, I’m enjoying social interaction with strangers fun and interesting (it really helps when I’m not getting anxious over the minutest of details). I’m less tense at work despite working in a fast paced office environment and I can relax more easily.

Side effects are close to none. There are no crashes and jittering like I have experienced in other nootropics.

Phenibut has turned me into a better and more confident person, that’s for sure. I would gladly recommend it to anyone who suffer from anxiety problems like I have.